Renowned Ghanaian Private Legal Practitioner, Nana Obiri Boahen, has urged Ghanaians to visit the Hospitals and Cemeteries, at least once a month, to make us sober and feel for our fellow human beings.

“The clothes we wear to church on Sundays, and the preaching would be nothing compared to the helpless state we find our unfortunate brethren at the hospitals and cemeteries and this could reshape our attitude and desires towards materialistic things, to a more selfless and benevolent approach to life and humanity.

“The fulfilment I get from helping people in need (especially in legal matters) is more gratifying to me than the financial gains,” he told Suncity Radio’s Nana KAS on Friday morning.

Lawyer Obiri Boahen was dilating on his decision to offer free legal services to pursue the case of the death of a 9-week old baby due to alleged inhuman attitude of a doctor at the St. Gregory Hospital at Gomoa Buduburam in the Central Region. He lamented on the materialistic posture of Ghanaians against the desire to share with others along the way.

“Let’s develop the attitude of sharing our food, clothing, money and other wealth with the poor and needy in society, and stop amassing and enjoying our wealth with close relatives and cronies alone.”

Nana Obiri Boahen, who is also the Deputy General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party, urged Ghanaians to desist from giving unnecessary excuses to justify their inefficiencies and inhuman attitudes.

“Perhaps regular visits to the hospitals and cemeteries aside of church services, could move us to change our attitude towards our fellow human beings and make us more sympathetic to their needs than our selfish gains,” he suggested.

A medical doctor at the St. Gregory Hospital at Buduburam, is alleged to have deliberately removed the life-supporting gadgets on a 9-week old baby, to his death, because the parents delayed in paying an amount of Ghc 533, for the child’s treatment.

This compelled Nana Obiri Boahen to decide to offer free legal services to the bereaved parents to persue the case at the law courts, for justice to prevail and the culprits brought to book.